Get the most out of your summer so you can feel, taste and experience every moment of it.

1.  Hydrate -  get the glow, stay hydrated and stay energized.  Drink water- try infusing your water with lemons, mint, cucumbers, or berries, all the while flushing toxins.  Or, eat your water with your fruits and vegetables like melons, pineapples or cucumbers - all bursting with over 85% water.  

2.  Snack Clean with Pashen bars - fuel your body - fuel your life - satisfying and energizing with healthy seeds and healthy fats -  add age-fighting properties and trace minerals - you get the glow from the inside out.  Never leave home without them!

3.  Indulge in Self-Care - summer is the perfect time to prioritize self-care.  Currently obsessed with lip scrubs?  Simple sugar scrubs exfoliate the lips - SO needed in the middle of summer.  Mix equal parts coconut oil and honey - add sugar until coated - done!

4.  Move that Body - best workout of the summer? - HIIT - High Interval Intensive Training - push yourself way harder for a shorter interval.  Try full body exercises like burpees.  Making the most of your short summer!  

5.  Soak up the sun - more than half the hours in a day are daylight! Pashen pro-tip: - take your lunch, book, or even your workout outside for that extra boost - stimulating serotonin while improving your mood.