Game-changing Wellness Tips

1.  Meditate - this is easy to incorporate into your day by doing while waking up as part of morning routine or while in saunas or baths - I have to count 1-2-3-4-5 -- 5-4-3-2-1 while breathing.  Pashen pro-tip: use rocks and crystals - hold them in your hands or lay them on your forehead.

2.  Prioritize self-care (also a form of meditation) - facilitate a massage or facial - it can even be at home. Try masking or exfoliating with DIY formulas or simply take a bath and light a candle.  

3.  Go minimal - with anything - take cleaning supplies - clean the kitchen sink with baking soda - watch jaw drop - it’s that good.  And it’s all you need - add a drop of essential oil and it smells good.  Not to mention non-toxic and inexpensive.

4.  Eat More Fat! The good kind anyway.  Take coconut oil, nuts, and seeds - all found in the Pashen bars - these powerful ingredients stimulate the metabolism, aid in inflammation, promote positive skin health all while boosting your glow from the inside out.  We love them!

5.  Detox/Reboot - every month or try a detox - start it on the weekend - even if it only lasts a weekend - you can check detoxing off of your list and see how great you feel on Monday.  Non-caffeinated tea, green juice, the lemonade diet - whatever works for you.   Or try to eat anything green - that’s the only rule - think cooked kale - salads with any and all green things.